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January 29, 2024

The last dance of Juan Martin Diaz

By the Hexagon Cup team

Juan Martin says goodbye, one of the greatest legends of padel will play his last tournament this week and will retire at the Madrid Arena in the Hexagon Cup.

We could do an eternal list of all the records held by Juan Martin Diaz, but the reality is that it would take several articles. Just a few examples: World Number One for 14 consecutive years, 170 tournaments won in his career and a streak of almost two years undefeated winning 23 consecutive tournaments alongside Fernando Belasteguín. Crazy numbers, unrepeatable numbers.

El Galleguito hangs up his racket at the age of 48 surrounded by the affection of the public and a great partner: "I love having the opportunity to play my last tournament in Madrid, to do it with Paquito who I love a lot and in a great event like this". In fact with Paquito Navarro he won his last title as a professional at the Spanish Championship in 2020.

Why not dream big at the Hexagon and say goodbye at the top with a victory? Ambition is not lacking: "I've been training at a great pace these last few months after my last tournaments in Premier and World Padel Tour, my head is still thinking like a professional player and I'd say I'm almost more nervous. I'm looking forward to playing a great tournament, it won't be easy, the group we have is very tough, but I want to be up to it, I've always been very demanding with myself, I've always put a lot of pressure on myself and it won't be less in this last tournament". It won't be because of illusion and desire.

Juan leaves the baton of padel in very good hands, he knows that the time has come to step aside and he is very proud of the journey he has made: "If someone told me ten years ago that I was going to retire in a team tournament that gives out a million euros in prize money I wouldn't have believed it. It's something spectacular and I want to thank Hexagon for the effort and commitment they put into this event. When I started playing this sport it was unthinkable that this could happen and it fills me with emotion to see the growth it has had. Leaving it here gives you the satisfaction of seeing that we have done a great job”, reflects Juan.

The Hexagon gives him the opportunity to say goodbye at 'home'. The Spanish-Argentine admits that playing in Madrid has always given him contradictory feelings, but he recognises that this time it is different: "I was born in Buenos Aires, right now I live in Miami, but for me Madrid is my home. I never liked being able to play at home (Argentina and Madrid, he specifies) because it put a lot of added pressure on me, but being able to have my 'last dance' here is something that moves me and fills me with gratitude".  In fact, he makes a last call to all those who don't have their tickets yet: "I encourage everyone to come and watch the show, it's going to be a great tournament and I would love to see the stands full", concludes Juan Martin Diaz.

Don't miss out, a legend is retiring and there are once in a lifetime opportunities. The Hexagon Cup awaits you.