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January 24, 2024

Hexagon Cup adds KnotPoint Fitness & Health Experience as a new tournament Official Supplier

By the Hexagon Cup team

The company specialising in the development of training programmes for swing sports such as padel tennis, tennis and golf, will design and install an exclusive training centre where the players of the Hexagon Cup will be able to carry out their activation and physical preparation sessions during the competition.

Madrid, January 24th, 2024 – Hexagon Cup, the new padel tennis tournament whose mission is to transform the sport of 20 x 10, announces KnotPoint Fitness & Health Experience, a physical and technological solution designed for sports clubs, hotels and educational centers as the new official supplier of the tournament. 

The company specialising in the development of training for swing sports will be in charge of designing and installing the exclusive training centre, equipped by Evergy Fitness, in which the players of the Hexagon Cup will be able to do their activation, recovery and physical preparation sessions during the competition.

"Hexagon Cup is all about innovation, professionalism and commitment. That's why we are excited to be able to enhance our players' training experience with KnotPoint & Health Experience. We are confident that, with their support and involvement, our players will be at the highest level during the tournament," adds Carlos Almazán, director of institutional relations for Hexagon Cup. 

The aim of KnotPoint is to optimise the value proposition of sports clubs and centres by going beyond fitness, offering a new experience, conceived for functional and personalised training for sports lovers, which allows users to select their physical training, designed by fitness professionals and professional players, as well as medical prevention services via app, in permanent contact with doctors, nutritionists and psychologists.

Due to its specialisation and differentiation in Swing sports, KnotPoint Swing & Fitness Experience, added to the diversity of its objectives, its technological innovation and commitment to integral wellness, KnotPoint will be the brand that will install the gym where the players of the Hexagon Cup will be able to do their training routines, warm up and prepare themselves during the competition.

"Throughout my sporting career as a professional padel player, I have detected a lack of spaces equipped for professional and amateur physical preparation in the vast majority of sports centres and facilities. KnotPoint was born with the vocation of designing a new generation of sports facilities that combine exercise and health at the same time. I am confident that the dream will soon become a reality" says Alberto Rodriguez-Piñon, former professional padel and tennis player, currently amateur golf player and founding partner of KnotPoint.

An all-star tournament to take padel to another level

It was born under the motto "For the Fans. For the Players. For the Game", the Hexagon Cup is an innovative padel tournament in which the world's best male, female and Next Gen players compete together in teams for an impressive €1 million prize pool, creating an exciting team competition and a unique experience for fans.

Teams include the Rafa Nadal Academy Team powered by Richard Mille, Robert Lewandowski's RL9 Team, Andy Murray's Ad/vantage Team, Eva Longoria's ElevenEleven Team USA and Carlos Lopez-Lay and Maria Esteve's Team Bella Puerto Rico.

On the players' side, tournament fans will be able to enjoy a constellation of stars including the world number one pairing, Arturo Coello (Team Bella Puerto Rico) and Agustin Tapia (RL9 Team), who this time will face each other on opposing teams, as will "Los Súperpibes" Stupaczuk (Rafa Nadal Academy, powered by Richard Mille) and Di Nenno (Team AD/vantage). In the women's draw, Paula Josemaría (ElevenEleven Team USA) and Ariana Sánchez (RL9 Team) will face each other. In addition, Paquito Navarro, Juan Martin Diaz, Alejandra Salazar, Delfina Brea, Bea Gonzalez and Luciano Capra, along with the most interesting promises of the next generation, will be the main protagonists of the tournament.

During the tournament itself, the six teams will be divided into two qualifying groups and compete in a series of exciting face to face matches. Only the top two pairs from each group will advance to the finals weekend, where the inaugural Hexagon Cup champion will be crowned, with a prize purse of €1 million up for grabs.

The first edition of the Hexagon Cup will take place at the historic Madrid Arena from 31st of January to 4th of February.  The event will include an attractive Fan Village with autograph signing sessions, player training areas, live concerts, entertainment, shops, exhibitions, food trucks and fine dining options. First-class VIP hospitality experiences will also be on offer, all designed to provide sports and entertainment fans with a truly unforgettable experience.

Tickets for this historic first edition of the star-studded event can be purchased now from €20 via