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February 1, 2024

Duel of Number One's in the Hexagon Cup.

By the Hexagon Cup team

On centre court at the Madrid Arena today was a historic milestone with the duel between the two best pairings of 2023. Ariana Sánchez faced her usual partner, Paula Josemaría, who she hadn't faced for more than three years, and Arturo Coello (Team Bella Puerto Rico) played against Agustín Tapia (RL9). Between the two pairings they combined for 29 titles in 2023.

Still in play the second day of the Hexagon Cup with matches of a spectacular level and in which we already have the first couples classified to the semifinals of the tournament. In the women's category Paula Josemaría and the 17-year-old Alejandra Alonso (ElevenEleven Team USA) and in the Next Gen, the American team and the Rafa Nadal Academy have secured a place in the top four of the tournament.

Male category - Agus Tapia and Jon Sanz (RL9 Padel Team) vs Arturo Coello and Coki Nieto (Team Bella Puerto Rico): 7-6 / 6-3

The best men's pairing of 2023 faced each other today in the second match on centre court Madrid Arena: Agus Tapia and Arturo Coello faced each other in a match with a lot of rhythm and great intensity. The pairing of RL9 Padel Team, Coello and Sanz, faced the match with the obligation to win the match if they wanted to continue in the tournament after yesterday's epic defeat against Juan Martin Diaz and Paquito Navarro's Hexagon Team. With this mentality they started the match trying to impose themselves in the exchanges and with Jon Sanz multiplying on all sides of the court and in a tight tiebreak they took the first set.

In the second set, Robert Lewandowski's pairing took the lead and won 6-3. The standings are on fire and tomorrow we will have to get out the calculator to see which pairings from the group advance to the semi-finals. Excitement.

Female category - Ariana Sanchez and Claudia Jensen (RL9 Padel Team) vs Paula and Alejandra Alonso (ElevenEleven Team USA): 6-4 / 7-6

In the first match of the afternoon we had ahead of us one of the great matches of the week and it didn't disappoint at all. The two world number ones faced each other, Ari vs Paula, Paula vs Ari. The duo of ElevenEleven Team USA (Ariana Sanchez and Alejandra Alonso) took to the court with the peace of mind of yesterday's victory against Team Bella (Bea and Claudia Fernandez) and looking for another win to secure their place in the semifinals. The start couldn't have been better for the ElevenEleven Team USA girls and in a set with up to five golden points, Paulita and Ale managed to take the first set by a tight 6-4. Ari and Claudia had not said the last word and fought until the last drop of sweat but ended up losing in the tiebreak of the second set by a total of 6-4 and 7-6. Robert Lewandowski's team will play tomorrow against Team Bella Puerto Rico. Swords in the air.

Next Gen - Guillermo Collado and Daniel Santigosa (Rafa Nadal Academy powered by Richard Mille vs Pablo García and Pol Hernández (AD/vantage Padel Team): 7-6 / 6-1

The Rafa Nadal Academy continues with a steady pace in the Hexagon Cup. Three matches, three victories. Super complicated match that has been held in the second round of the morning at the Fan Zone. Collado and Santigosa win their second match of the tournament and secure their place in the semifinals of the tournament as first of group A. A spectacular first set in which the AD/vantage pairing enjoyed numerous chances to close out the first set in their favour, they couldn't convert them and the Academy pairing managed to close it out 9-7 in the tiebreak. With the momentum of the partial victory they shot up the scoreboard and closed the match 6-1. Tomorrow Pol and Pablo need a win to qualify for Saturday's semifinals.

Next Gen - Alex Chozas and Emilio Chamero (ElevenEleven Team USA) vs Fran Guerrero and Rodrigo Coello (Team Bella Puerto Rico): 7-6 / 3-6 / 10-5

After yesterday's victory, Alex Chozas and Emilio Chamero took to the court at the Fan Zone Arena with their morale sky high. On the other hand, the Team Bella duo represented by Fran Guerrero and Rodrigo Coello were looking for the first victory in the tournament for the Puerto Rican team. A first set with many alternatives fell on the North American side. The younger Coello and Fran Guerrero recovered and with a break decided the second set in their favour. Everything would be decided in the super tiebreak. At the key moment, Alex and Emilio's best game emerged and they closed the match with a clear 10-5. Tomorrow Guerrero and Coello will face David Gala and Enzo Jensen (RL9) in an agonising duel for the semifinals.

Still in play:

Hexagon Team - Ale Salazar y Tamara Icardo vs AD/vantage Delfina Brea y Sofía Araujo

Rafa Nadal Academy powered by Richard Mille - Alejandro Ruiz y Franco Stupazcuk vs AD/vantage Padel Team - Juan Tello y Martín di Nenno.